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This is used when the branch pipe is connected to main pipe. It covers PE double wall structure pipe, triple wall structure pipe, pressure shooting pipe, fiber glass combination pipe, Hume pipe and so on.
  1) For water/sewage pipes
  2) For the pipes at sewage treatment plant
  3) For sewage pipes near highway
  4) For pipes at of agricultural, Industrial water and cultivating construction
  5) For sewage pipes near apartment construction
  6) For other various pipes arrangement construction


1) Due to impeccable sealing performance there is no leaking, and
    prevents overload by water inflow (underground water, rainwater etc.).
2) Due to the bolting method, it can operate right after perforation.
3) Increased convenience for attaching to the pre-existing main pipe.
4) Pipe connecting work can be done with simple tools (spanner or Box ranch)
    so it efficiently saves the time and space.
5) Since it’s made with Stainless material (SUS304) all the casing, T-BAND,
    and HOSE BAND are rust-resistant therefore longevity is guaranteed
6) By using rubber branch pipe connector, branch pipe can be bent by 10°.
7) By using the T-band, the construction can be done in narrow area and the
    tightening power is guaranteed
8) Due to the bolting method, welding equipment is not needed, also not
    dangerous from fire and other accidents
9) The construction can be done under rainfall and in wet area.
10) When pipe is choked due to accumulation, reconstruction can be done
11) The constructor does not need to be a specialist but any ordinary person.


1) Mark the point for connecting branch pipe on the main pipe then use the
    pipe perforator to perforate.
2) Insert the rubber branch pipe connector to the hole.
3) Fix the casing over rubber branch pipe connector.
4) Do the casing and bolting by surrounding the pipe with T-band.
    (It is convenient to connect bolt on the other side after fixing the opposite
    side with a bolt)
5) Tighten the bolt (torgue:200~300kg.cm) with equivalent force.
6) After complete insertion of branch into rubber branch pipe connector, tighten
    the hose band to finish the construction.