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The features of (Co.) Kukinintote’s Pipe Repair Clamp
The body is made of light stainless steel and Braket is made of steel;
    therefore strong tightening work with torch is enabled when combined with

The width of cramp is the standard 75~300mm, customization is needed for
    450mm and 600mm. We make pipes from 15A to 700A, whatever is larger will
    have to be customized.

Applicable for hall on the cement pipe or emergency repairing for cracked

Low pressure Gas pipe/ water,sewage pipe/OIL pipe/powder/air pipe or
    other applications

Applicable for large amount water supply pipe on ground or water line.

Suitable for maintenance of sea or land plant, power plant, filtration plant,
    water/sewage construction, facility construction.

Applicable for emergency repair of underground pipe or water supply line.

Recommended to have couple of these stored in case of unexpected

By connecting main steel pipe, strong pipe, low pressure pipe can be used
    in pipe laying underground, pumping facility: width 450mm, 600mm also
    applicable for replacement for pipe connecting. (Water source construction,
    water/sewage supply building etc.)

The torch ratio is high therefore conveniently applicable for large size pipes.
    (Such options include 2-clamp, 3-clamp, the pulling power is very strong)

Admitted as a excellently supplied product, it is very convenient to use it as
    repairing oil pipe, using it for water pipe repair, agricultural and industrial
    pipe, large size pipe.
Usage in certain situations
EPDM water, air, powder, steam(-20℃ ~ +130℃)
NBR natural gas, LPG gas, various oils and greases
(-20℃ ~ +100℃)
NEOPRENE inflammable, GAS, water, oil (-30℃ ~ +100℃)
SILICONE flammable, post-inflammable, electricity insulation
(-75℃ ~ +200℃)
VITON Inflammable, inner chemical medicine characteristic
(-95℃ ~ +300℃)

Actual Applications of repair clamp

Easy perforation for water/sewage installment construction

When the sewer pipe is choked, it can be reopened and then reconnected.

Does not need extra work at the end of the pipe, since the cramp tightening
    area is made of steel the closing facility can be done impeccably.

Very economical when it comes to cutting down the budget for construction.

Can easily be used for pipe made of any materials including Strong pipe,
    water/sewage pipe, back pipe, P.E pipe.

Easily applicable for filtration plant, water supply construction or leakage
    prevention at the welded area of large pipe.
Use of application         
cast iron pipe KS D 4311, 4308 BS 1211, 78, 4772(ISO7531), 4622
DIN 28601, 28603, 28605
Steel pipe KS D 3566, 3565, 3567, 3583 BS1600, 534, 3600, 1387
PVC pipe KS M 3401, 3404 BS 3505, 3506, 4306
Asbestos cement pipe KS L 5116, F4410 BS 78, 486, 3656, 5391
Copper pipe,
P.E pipe
SUS pipe, the other pipes
KS D 5301, KS M3407 BS 5556