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    The special features and strengths

* Completely removes scales in tube inside and around fitting parts. Thus
__our cleaning system allows cleaning interval much longer than that of
__existing systems of other companies.

* Reduces the cleaning time.

* Is available for the tube inside of any kind of heat exchanger.


* Is available for every tube wall thickness from 5/8" to 1¼"" size.



    Varius Kinds of Tube Cleaner

_An exact cleaner size in accordance with the inside diameter of tube is
requied because of tightness between tube wall of tube inside and metal cleaner vane.
Wrong-sized cleaners greatly reduce cleaning efficiency.
Metal cleaners from 5/8" to
1¼"(Tube O.D.)can clean tube inside of any size.
Tube I.D. is different according to tube wall thickness.

    Structural Features

* FLEXPIG" tube cleaner is desined to form vacuum area by acceleration of
__SSR 3 stage vane, which assures satisfactory
__cleaning of even tiny scales around the pitted unit.

* Various sizes of 4 stage twist steel vanes. which are designed to fit tightly
__in accordance with any size of tube inside, perform perfect cleaning by
__scraping hard scales.

* SSR flexible core allows more effective removal of scales.

    Ideal Cleaning of Tube Inside

_Dust, coke, hard scale and other deposits in condenser tubes of power
plants not only reduce heat efficiency but also cause tube corrosion and
leakage. Thus scales should be removed periodically for high efficiency
of condenser and long usage of tube.
KUKIL's long experience and the latest technology developed the most
ideal tube scraper for cleaning condenser tybes of power plants and KUKIL's
tube scraper is available for every tube thickness from 5/8" to 1¼".

    A shot of high pressure water jet cleaning can

* Remeve deposits, pit peaks hard scales and fouing simutaneously

* Avoid possible damage of tube inside with cleaner's vane scraping in
__water flow

* Preserve adequate water flow because FINPIG" cleaning can remove
__unevenness of tube inside.





. There were no method which can penetrate and perfectly clear the U-TUBES of U-TYPE HEAT EXCHANGER CLEANING SYSTEM in a shot time, but we have developed the U-FLEXPIG® CLEANING SYSTEM method by our fund of knowledge and research. Our accomplishment admired by many companies for its effectiveness, and it have already been used to domestic powerhouse and petrochemical plants. The core is made of reinforced plastic and very flexible, U-FLEXPIG® become bending, so the cleaning of every types are possible.


. Applying to the U-TYPE SIZE 5/8"~1¼" B.W.G standard IN SIDE SCALE CLEANING of the various exchanger tubes of the petrochemical industry and every industrial equipments.